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MJO Cork Tiles

From Nature

From Nature with Love

With Love

Cork Oak Forests

"The biodiversity of Cork Forests"

MJO Cork Tiles were recognised as the finest quality cork tile on the market.

We are pleased to announce that MJO Cork Floor Tiles are again available in Australia.  We currently have stock in Melbourne & can ship Australia Wide. 
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Oak Cork Floor Tiles from MJO are the most comfortable & eco-friendly cork floors you can use in your home, due to the unique benefits of Cork.

  • Renewable, natural and eco-friendly resource

  • Feels like you are walking on air - Millions of cells give cork floors a natural cushion

  • Cork flooring is warm to the touch

  • The acoustical insulation properties of cork help reduce noise

  • Cork is non-absorbent and will not trap dirt & fungus

  • Cork is easy to clean and maintain

  • Used around the world both residentially & commercially

  • Electrically dissipative - cork flooring does not produce static electricity making it suitable for rooms with electronic equipment and appliances

  • Hypoallergenic-Cork does not attract dust and consequently does not cause allergies

  • Is fire retardant

MJO Cork Floor Tiles Now Available in Melbourne

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